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Application Steps

Step 1:

Scan the following documents

  • 1. Child’s birth certificate
  • 2. ID, Passport, Permit or Asylum copies of person responsible for fees
  • 3. Current proof of Residence of person responsible for fees
  • 4. Foreign Nationals Work/ Study/ Quota permit or Asylum
  • 5. Proof of income e.g payslip of person responsible for fees or copy of Bank statement if self employed
  • 6. Latest school report (Grade 2 & up )
  • 7. Transfer card
  • 8. Child’s inoculation certificate (Grade 1’s only)
  • 9. First payment (See table for fees)

Step 2:

Download the application form

Step 3:

Make Payments:
  • 1. For offline applications, use initials and surname and grade number when making a payment e.g. TK Tshabalala GR12
  • 2. For online applications, use your application reference number to make a payment e.g 100235

Step 4:

Upload Documents
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Step 5:

Submit Application

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