Our Payment Options

Registration Fees

  • Registration Fees R500 (non-refundable)
  • No Cash Payments at the school promises.
  • All school fees must be paid by Bank transfers OR Bank deposit only.
  • All learners shall settle all tuition fees by 1stof november2018 Before Exams .
  • Parents with more than two Child in in School will Get 10% off one Child on t year fees.
  • Parents Must buy the text Books Compulsory

Down Payments

Foreign learners studding French or Portuguese will have to pay extra tuition fees of R 300 x11 or choose any other Commercial subject in they have not been a country more than two years.

Registration fees R500, Student Card R100 and down payment10%of year tuition and It is Non – refundable so make sure you don’t register your child unless you are sure.

Banking Details

  • Bank: ABSA
  • Account Name: Leeds Business
  • College Branch: CRESTA:
  • Account No 4051077022:
  • Ref: Your Family Name and Grade

Grade Down Payment Option A: Cash 5% off payment Option B: 11 months Installments Annual Fees
GR 5/6 R1300 R8550 R700x11 R9000
GR 7 R1350 R9120 R750x11 R9600
GR 8 R1400 R9690 R800x11 R10200
GR 9 R1450 R10260 R850x11 R10800
GR 10 R1500 R10830 R900x11 R11400
GR 11 R1550 R11400 R950x11 R12000
GR 11 R1600 R11970 R1000x11 R12600
Progressed R1000 R3250 R500x11 R3500
Matric Rewrite 1/2 R1000 R5700 R500x11 R6000
Matric Rewrite 2/3 R1300 R8000 R700x11 R8400
Matric Rewrite 3/4 R1600 R9000 R800x11 R9600
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